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As a conscious crystals business owner and lover, I always ensure that all crystals are ethically sourced. And I'm here to tell you why I care about the sourcing process and why you should only purchase from businesses that source their products responsibly.


Not long after falling down the rabbit hole of collecting crystals, I have discovered the dark side of crystals mining due to the high market demand. The mining and distribution of crystals are linked to many conflicts and violence.

Most crystals are mined mainly from third-world countries, where the labor laws and environmental regulations are poorly regulated. In some mines, the conditions are unprotected, with little safety equipment and low wages for workers. These crystals businesses can often sell them at a much lower price. Despite their quality, the costs could be much lower when they exploit the wage of the vulnerable workers or sometimes even mine stones illegally by corrupting officials that control the mining areas. By purchasing from them, you indirectly support illegal mining, corruption, and depriving these valuable natural resources of the local residents who live in poverty and the much-needed revenue for their country. In the crystal market, these events are not just the tip of the ice, and it's more common than you would imagine, therefore be a conscious consumer, especially when purchasing these natural crystals for personal wellness.

In our business, we only purchase from trusted wholesalers, factories, suppliers that source their crystals ethically. By ethically, they ensure that workers are highly protected and fairly traded ( miners are paid a fair price for their hard work), also following the environmental regulation (no harsh chemical used during the mining process). 

We are willing to be transparent regarding where we source our products. We source roughly around 70% of our crystals from the origins (mainly from Brazil and Madagascar), 30% from other overseas wholesalers (from the US & Europe). We source from other overseas wholesalers other than the countries of origin due to the high minimum spending per order for some stones. Another reason is that we love ourselves some professionally carved stones, where we usually source our carved stones from our US wholesalers. Even though we purchase from other wholesalers, we still ensure that they source their products responsibly. 

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