Lavender Rose Quartz EGG

Lavender Rose Quartz EGG


Lavender Rose Quartz EGG from Madagascar 

1. 6 x 4cm 183g
2. 8.5 x 6cm 419g
3. 9 x 6cm 495g
4. 10 x 6.5cm 583g


The love crystal - Rose quartz is another popular stone it has loving energy that heals sadness and it has the ability to attract a new relationship, opening your heart for love and passion. Rose quartz also promote self-love.

Rose quartz Eggs confine and shape energy and may be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body, also to activate Your Divine Feminine Energy


Chakra: Heart



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  • Care Instruction

    Do not put directly under the sunlight, the color will fade under the strong UV reflection.

  • ***

    Crystals are a gift from mother nature, all unique in their way, which means they will vary slightly in shapes, shades, and sizes and might have some marring or small cracks.