Ametrine Point

Ametrine Point



Ametrine is the mixture of amethyst and citrine, so Ametrine.
Ametrine is a stone for manifesting your dream, it boosts up our confidence and creativity. It Combines the motivational power from citrine and the transcendence from amethyst, making ametrine the stone of going after our goal and cutting off negative habits.

  • Care Instruction

    Do not put directly under the sunlight, the color will fade under the strong UV reflection.

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    We do not accept returns or refund after shipping, unless the item you purchased is defective. Please contact us immediately with a picture of the defective product and we will work on the refund process.

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    Crystals are a gift from mother nature, all unique in their way, which means they will vary slightly in shapes, shades, and sizes and might have some marring or small cracks. 

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